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1924 Model T Roadster Budget-Beater Project

Posted by on February 17th, 2012 with 1 Comment

After selling this Model T roadster body a number of times and having it come back to me one way or another, I decided to offer it to Ian Cuthbertson, an old friend who had been wanting to build something for a long time, but lacked the budget to get it started.  Our goal on this project is to spend as little money as possible and yet still create something roughly period correct and cool, so we’re using whatever leftovers are lying around and whatever donations we can put our hands on.  So far, here’s the parts list:

  • 1924 Ford Model T roadster bucket and turtle deck
  • Model A frame, modified with an old Model T rear cross member used as a suicide perch in front and a Ford F1 center cross member with the F1 pedals as well, and pinched at the back end to fit under the turtle deck
  • Stock Ford 1933  front axle, Model A spindles and spring
  • Stock Model A rear end
  • Early 40’s Ford 24-stud Flathead V8 motor and transmission
  • 1938 Ford Truck Grill shell and radiator
  • 1938 Ford wide-5 wheels, hubs and brake drums with juice brakes
  • 450 series Firestone tires up front and 700s in the back

Here’s a few photos of the project so far.  For a more complete story of the build, check out Ian’s blog:


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  1. Mom says:

    You are both too cool for school – Old 50’s saying. Love you.

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