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Mike’s ’34 5 Window

Posted by on March 25th, 2011 with 1 Comment

Mike came to us looking for some help on his project.  We are basically doing all the  metal work this ’34.  First, we started by building him a frame; the rear cross member was flattened, the stock saddle was removed and replaced with an after market piece to acommadate the t5 transmission.  On the front cross member, we raised the center 1 inch then boxed the frame, as well as welded up all the unused holes.  We set up the Ford 9 inch rear end and split the wish bones on the front end.  We also set the locations of the motor and transmition mounts and welded  them in.  On the body, we welded up all the extra holes in the floor pan.  We also had to make a notch in the rear of the pan to accommodate the flattened rear cross member.  From around mid-door forward, the original floor pan had been removed, so we replaced that area with our own new panel, which inlcuded a metal-formed transmission hump. 

We will be helping out more on this build in the future.


One Comment

  1. Bryan Carr says:

    Can you tell me how many cuts you made in the rear crossmember to get it flattened? I want to do this to mine.
    What rear rear spring did you use? The Car looks great and I have enjoyed all seeing all of your work on your website.



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